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Who we are

Established on the 1st of August 2009 the vision for Health-Link is to provide individuals and companies with un-biased, meaningful advice in choosing the most appropriate medical scheme and medical scheme option.

Health-link is owned by Judith Campbell who has 17 years medical aid consulting experience and a passion for service excellence.

Our credentials

Health-Link is registered with the Financial Services Board, FAIS no 38678 and accredited with the Council for Medical Schemes, accreditation no. BR1430. We are contracted to various medical schemes, namely Discovery, Bonitas, Fedhealth, Medihelp, Momentum, Resolution and Sizwe.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line

If a client needs hospital pre-authorisation, has to apply for chronic medication or wants to follow up on the payment of an account, we always encourage them to contact their scheme directly. This is due to the fact that the scheme can access the client’s data on their systems while they are speaking to the client. If a client does not receive the service they deserve, they escalate their concerns to us. Please see the various scheme websites and contact numbers below.

Discovery Logo
Call Centre: 086 010 0694

Fedhealth Logo
Call Centre: 086 000 2153

Sizwe Logo
Call Centre: 086 010 0871

Medihelp Logo
Call Centre: 086 010 0678

Momentum Logo
Call Centre: 086 011 7859
Bonitas Logo
Call Centre: 0861 796 6400

What we do

We are mindful that choosing the right scheme and the right option can be a minefield for the uninformed.  We take responsibility for remaining at the cutting edge of industry developments and trends which provides our clients with peace of mind when they turn to us for advice.  We ensure that we have a thorough understanding of the financial results of schemes, service standards and product structure.

What do clients look for?

When a client or employer group is choosing a medical scheme they are considering 3 factors, their budget (affordability), their health care needs (benefits) and their service requirements (scheme efficiency). We can assist them in making the best decision within these three factors. Once a member has joined a scheme they may need our expertise and advice regarding their rights as medical aid members, understanding the prescribed minimum benefits (PMB’s) and understanding their scheme benefits in more detail.

Downloads & Newsletters

Click Here to download information and the application form for Resolution Health GAP Cover.

Click Here to download the Health Link representative disclosure form.

Click Here to download the Council for Medical Schemes, PMB Guidelines for members.

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Fax: 086 604 2745

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